5 Things to Know Before You Take Your First Cruise

Many people who are going on their first cruise don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for the trip. Will it be very expensive? Will the motion of the ship make me feel sick? What if they delay the flight, and you miss the ship altogether? These are huge dilemmas to think about, but it’s best to think about them and other possible situations before you sail away. The good news is that if you are prepared, you’ll be fine in case something goes awry. Here are some tips, tricks, and recommendations to help you have a wonderful cruise experience.


Now, I know this may sounds counterproductive, but unlike airfares, most cruise cancellations are free. Cruise lines have differing cancellation periods (usually three to four weeks before the sail date) so inquire about deposit policies and read the fine print. Some cruise lines, or a very good agent, may even notify you that your booking has been automatically reduced due to a new lower fare on the same cruise. However, if you see a different cruise at a better price point that offers even more perks for your bucks, then cancel your existing reservation, get your deposit back at no penalty, then book your new cruise. Extra tip: Booking a cruise in the Caribbean is best during September and October, off-season. These two months are best for last-minute deals as low as $180 for five days! Monitor the offers diligently, starting the last week of August, and you’ll see these great savings pop-up. Just don’t forget that these special cruise fares are usually non-refundable. We booked one of these last-minute trips and had a blast on our trip from Florida to the Dominican Republic. We paid $350 for two people for a four day cruise!

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