9 Photos that Show Banksy’s Most Important Work Yet, The Walled Off Hotel

9 Photos that Show Banksy’s Most Important Work Yet, The Walled Off Hotel

Banksy, the British political artists, who goes to great lengths to keep his identity a secret has created one of his largest projects to date. Known for his guerrilla-style politically charged images, Banksy has created a reputation for himself as the “godfather” of street art. He not only paints murals in streets, but he has pulled off brash stunts such as placing his own artwork in museums. The artist seems to have changed paths recently, and has gone bigger, created experiential exhibitions. In August 2015, he opened “Dismaland” a pop-up art exhibit that was a twisted version of Disneyland that left guests a little unsettled by turning our perception of the “the most magical place on earth” on its head.

This time Banksy has created a hotel, The Walled Off Hotel. The hotel, which is currently taking reservations, not only original Banksy art work but the reputation of having the worst view. Guests will see what life is like in the West Bank, overlooking the border wall of Palestine and Israel. From their room the picturesque scenery of the military guarded border between Israel and Palestine. The view and the art call attention to the ongoing conflict, and the dangers of walls.



One of the room features a mural of a Palestinian and Israeli solider having a pillow fight.

A room for lovers, enjoy the romantic furnishings and the mural depicting a heart-shaped balloon with a band-aid patching it.


A statue of chimpanzee dressed as a bell-hop stands outside the entrance greeting guests.

A statue engulfed in tear gas.

The dining room is completely adorned by Banky’s paintings and statues.

A painting of a lamb cuddled with a tiger camouflaged by graffiti.

For more information please visit their website.

Images courtesy of The Walled Off Hotel.


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