Alabama May Soon Have Bathroom ‘Police’

Alabama May Soon Have Bathroom ‘Police’

If Republicans get there way, Alabama may see police patrolling bathrooms. Senator Phil Williams introduced a bill that would require facilities to employ bathroom attendants that will be “stationed at the door of each rest room to monitor the appropriate use of the restroom and answer any questions or concerns posed by users.”

Bathrooms used by multiple persons must be exclusively for “persons of the same gender.”

If a person is caught in the wrong restroom he or she will receive a fine ranging from $2,000-$3,500 and could face a lawsuit.

The Alabama Privacy Act (SB1) will be voted upon by the Alabama judiciary. If passed it would join seven states that have introduced legislation that directly discriminates against transgender men and women.

Apparently lessons have not been learned since North Carolina passed HB2, which wreaked havoc on the state’s economy. [LGBT]


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