Anti-LGBT Ads Popping up on YouTube

Anti-LGBT Ads Popping up on YouTube

A young woman took to social media to complain about a series of anti-transgender ads appearing on YouTube, and her few minutes of publicly speaking got YouTube to take them down. Thirty-year-old Cassandra couldn’t believe it when an ad interrupted her playlist that said “…it’s OK for men to hit women.” Making sure she heard the line correctly she took a closer look, then she paused the ad, and she realized that it was an anti-transgender advertisement.

“‘I turned to my TV, and watched for a few moments in disgusted disbelief as the speaker conflated a MMA match between Fallon Fox and Ronda Rousey with domestic abuse,” she recalls. “The ad only got worse from there, telling the viewer that while accepting people and their gender identities might seem good, it’s actually bad and ‘anti-scientific'” Cassandra says. YouTube quickly took down the ad, but many on social media felt once again slighted by the Internet giant who famously blocked LGBT content earlier this year.

The ad was from right-wing, anti-LGBT group PragerU, and the organization is trying to get petitions against YouTube for taking down the video claiming that they have been discriminated against.

Heading straight for Twitter, she posted a small bit of the ad, and it received tons of attention.

“It’s amazing that they can create videos for the sole purpose of encouraging discrimination then claim they’re the victims,” Cassandra says. “Hatred and demonization and ostracism of trans people is hardly new or uncommon, but I was astounded that [PragerU] went through such lengths to produce a professional-looking video for the exclusive purpose of encouraging others to do the same,” she wrote.

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