Ballet About Gay Dancer Rudolf Nureyev Canceled in Russia

Ballet About Gay Dancer Rudolf Nureyev Canceled in Russia

The highly anticipated ballet about the life of legendary Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who was gay, has been canceled at the last minute at the famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

According to The Guardian, the show focuses heavily on his homosexuality and that the reasoning for this cancelation is in line with the anti-gay sentiment in Russia. Currently there is a law that bans “homosexual propaganda among minors” which means no public displays of homosexuality.

Much of the production was kept in secret, and not until a full dress rehearsal that was open to ballet insiders last Friday, July 8, was the content know to focus heavily on Nureyev’s sexual orientation. A video was posted on Facebook showing the cheers and applause after the show (see below).

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Nureyev – After the final Stage Run, 08.07.2017

After the last stage run through of Nureyev. Dancers celebrate hard work and dedication with pure emotions. This ballet lives on and will continue to honor Nureyev's life. (Demutsky / Possokhov / Serebrennikov)

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