Bradley Manning is a UK Citizen—Britain Urges Fair Treatment

British Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham. Image via Flickr.

Back in February, Amnesty International began pressuring the British Government to speak up on behalf of the detained US soldier Bradley Manning. Because Manning’s mother was born in Wales, Manning is, by blood, a British citizen. The British Foreign Office has confirmed that they have contacted the US Government on behalf of the detained 23 year old, who, according to many reports, is being unjustly and unethically treated in a Virginia military camp.

“All people who are detained in custody deserve to be treated in detention according to the highest international standards, and we certainly expect nothing else, nothing less, from the United States,” British Foreign Office minister Henry Bellingham told lawmakers.

“(Those conditions serve) no purpose other than to humiliate and degrade Bradley Manning. I regard it as cruel and unnecessary,” opposition Labour Party legislator Ann Clwyd said in a House of Commons debate late Monday. [USAToday]

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