British Airways Debuts Creative New #lookup Billboards

Screen Cap via YouTube.

Screen Cap via YouTube.

Remember when you used to stand there in amazement, transfixed as you watched airplanes fly overhead as a kid? Yeah, so does British Airways. They‘ve debuted two clever new billboards in Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick in London which are attracting quite the buzz with their smart use of video and GPS tracking technology in a simple, clear and relatable campaign to introduce viewers to new destinations served by the airline in real time.

As British Airways airplanes land at London Heathrow Airport, the digital billboards show a little boy or girl excitedly moving across the screen to follow the path of the plane and point to it with awe and wonder. Text reading “Look, it’s flight BA475 from Barcelona” in the sample ad plus the British Airways logo appear on the screen against a clean white backdrop. The billboard literally tracks landings from destinations throughout the world. It’s original in using the actual planes in the sky as a marketing device and it provides an immediate connection for passersby to what was once just a random, anonymous plane in the sky.

It’s not like we’ve never looked up and wondered, “Who’s up there?” or “Where are they from?” Now, British Airways encourages you to #lookup and keep your eyes on their prime vacation destinations (like this list of their top 14 vacation spots for 2014 including Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Malta and Santorini in the Greek Islands).

Watch a video of the ad in action after the jump…

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