Chris Lin of Yummertime Releases Beautiful and Honest ‘Coming Out’ Video

Chris Lin, one half of the amazing blog/YouTube channel Yummertime, has released an incredibly poignant video about his coming out. We don’t want to take away from his story, so we’ll just leave you with it below, and the words he posted with it.

He writes:

This was my own personal experience, and I do not take for granted the immense support I had from my family and close friends while coming out, no matter how difficult it was for me at times based on other factors. I was lucky where so many others are not. Too many boys and girls, men and women in this world do not even have the option to consider coming out, let alone, when they do, too many don’t even have a support network readily available to them. And that needs to change. I hope that by sharing my story I add one more voice to the coming out experience, with the hope that one day, everyone can live as they truly are, no matter their sexual orientation, sexuality, or gender. I promise it does and will get better.

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