Cocktail Music: Francois

Cocktail Music: Francois

Francois is the self-proclaimed first gay rap superstar. This artist, songwriter, and  model seems to have it all, but Francois also has an important mission—focusing on art based on gender fluidity. “I play between the lines of male and female roles. I don’t limit myself on what I can wear, what I call myself, and how I’m addressed,” Francois told HuffPo.

Living in a home with both Jamaican and Haitian roots lent itself to a lively culture, and music was always playing. “My grandfather was a traveling musician and performed in some of the biggest arenas around the world. All I’ve known is music and entertainment because my mother is a starlet and she’ll always let you know that. She’s my inspiration. I love her.” Francois describes his mother as a bold fashionista and was his biggest icon growing up. Francois has always aimed to emulate her.

“I am really inspired by my gayness” says Francois. Once a victim of a hate crime attack, Francois says that the event has motivated him to keep working, and has given him a newfound purpose. “We really live in those moments at each ball and/or gay pride event because too many of us adjust our lives to not offend our heterosexual brothers and sisters and it’s not right. That motivates me to work.”

You can listen to music by Francois on Sound Cloud and see some of his visual art on Instagram .






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