Cocktail Music: Good Morning London by Raph Solo

Photo by Michelle Martinoli

Photo by Michelle Martinoli

Raph Solo’s second single “Good Morning London” off of his new album, The Anonymous Icon, has dropped, via the artists’ own indie record label, Angel King Musique. In the song, the openly-gay singer opens up about heartbreak and London, the city he loves.

“It’s a metaphorical breakup song about finding your way home,” says Solo of his new single. “As a songwriter, I never sit down to write a song. It’s an organic process. When I feel inspired, the melody and the lyrics come out together as one.”

In the new music video, Solo bares his body with a big British flag hanging around his torso, and the words “Be you” written out on his back. Pointing to his mantra of self acceptance, Solo’s new song is devoted to living your life truly and without the influence of others.

“Often we lose ourselves in relationships, and we end up saying ‘yes’ to please our partners because we love them, when really we want to say ‘no’,” remembers Solo. “And sweetness gets taken for weakness, and the fairytale turns into a nightmare.”

“We should always remember to love and honor ourselves enough to stay true to who we are in relationships, romantic or otherwise.”

Watch the music video for Good Morning London, below:

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