Delta Introduces 5 New Fare Classes

Image via Delta.

Image via Delta.

Delta Air Lines is introducing five new fare classes beginning March 1. For the lowest of the low, the “Basic Economy” won’t allow passengers to pre-select their seats, change reservations, or get a refund. Want anything more than that—you’ll have to pay. The chart above helps break down the new pricing strata that will begin in March. Now, first class will be divided into both “First Class” for domestic and “Delta One” (formally Business Elite) for long-haul international and some cross-country flights. Economy will be broken into three sections beginning with Delta Comfort+ (formally known as Economy Comfort), Main Cabin, and Basic Economy. The only difference between the latter two is that if you purchase a domestic Main Cabin ticket, you’ll be able to get to choose your seat and for long-haul international.

More details over at Delta. 

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