Discovering LGBT Minneapolis

Discovering LGBT Minneapolis

By Gerry Visco 

I have family in Minneapolis, and know the city well. Recently, I took a trip back to one of America’s most LGBT-friendly cities and caught the 44th annual Twin Cities Pride, I reunited with the city’s thriving culinary scene, explored its natural attractions, and found myself at the center of its surprisingly large LGBT scene.

Minneapolis may have a reputation for long, freezing winters, but there’s plenty to offer. I once spent an entire day outside sledding in January in below-freezing temperatures with my nephews, and the numb fingers were all worth it. Come summertime, and the weather becomes perfect to explore Minneapolis’ chain of lakes. 20 of Minnesota’s 12,034 lakes, the mighty Mississippi River, and 200 miles of walking, biking, and cross-country ski trails are literally steps from the city limits. Nature aside, Minneapolis is full of hidden treasures, cultural attractions, fantastic theater and dance performances, and a thriving culinary scene I couldn’t wait to dig into.

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