Decorate a Di*k for Halloween with Chappy

Decorate a Di*k for Halloween with Chappy

Chappy, the gay dating app from UK, has launched a new campaign just in time for Halloween that’s all about dressing that “D.”  We have all discussed ways on how we’d get the “D” or things we would do the for “D,”  but Chappy is changing the conversation and showing us ways we can dress the “D”. In collaboration with NYC artists, Chappy is outfitting the “D” in as a playful cowboy, a traditional black cat, a haunting grim reamer and more.

Chappy will be hosting a pre-Halloween party and silent auction benefiting Housing Works on Thursday, Oct. 26 from 6:30pm-9pm @ Neuhouse featuring artworks from local artists. Bid on your favorite piece, “wrap it up” and take it home. 

Featured artists include: Jessica Walsh, Will Bryant, Paul Octavious, Rooney, John Mclaughin, Baron Von Fancy, Cute Brute, Amit, Sean O’Connor, Hilton Dresden, Leander Adman, Daniel Zender, Helga, Renegate, Blazo Calovic, and Grand Chamaco.


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