Drink for a Change in NYC

This Friday and Saturday, help the LGBT community with your binge drinking. At participating gay bars across Manhattan, you’ll be given the opportunity to donate an extra dollar with each drink you purchase. This fantastic charity event is called Drinking for a Change. So far nine bars have signed on and more are expected to join by the end of the week.

Various other communities have developed easy fundraising structures for like-minded individuals to donate small amounts of money: Churches pass a collection basket, political candidates have gala dinners, and Girl Scouts have cookies.

Most of us aren’t eating carbs this week, so the cookie thing is out. And while we may not have gay church, or $500 to attend a gala, we do have some spare cash to spend at gay bars – and many of us visit them on occasion. (ok, a lot).

So our idea is this: once a month, bars across New York, and eventually maybe even the country, will be “Drinking for a Change,” and a dollar a drink will be donated to LGBT-focused not-for-profits. By focusing on smaller contributions on a mass scale, it’s an easy way for a greater portion of the LGBT community to consistently support organizations that are working around the issues that matter most to us.

Giving back doesn’t need to be difficult and strengthening our community shouldn’t be a chore. We’re gay – we love theme parties and all things grandiose; when we’re going to be charitable we’re going to have a blast doing it.

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