London’s Latest Craze? The Morning Rave!

Image via BBC

Image via BBC

Dreading that morning gym routine? How about a bumping rave party instead? Forget the after-hours parties, Morning Glory: Rave Your Way Into The Day’  is the new early-morning party that has East London up early. Instead of taking back tequila sunrises, revelers slam smoothies and coffees while they dance the morning away. From 6:30 A.M.-10:30 A.M., guests visit the Village Underground in Shoreditch where the party don’t stop till…work. Producers Sam Moyo and Nico Thoemmes came up with the idea after trialing the experiment at festivals.”It’s us turning clubbing on its head,” said Sam. “…the idea is that people wake up and instead of people going to the gym or pottering about in their rooms, they come here and drop in any time for a massage, a superfood smoothie, some coffee, lots of hugs and just general love and fun before going to work.”

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