Faroe Islands Approves Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Faroe Islands Approves Gay and Lesbian Marriage

It’s a tiny archipelago that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, and it’s the latest place to have marriage equality. Now that gay and lesbian marriage is legal on the Faroe Islands, there is no part of Scandinavia without marriage equality. The island actually voted for gay marriage way back in 2012, but it took until now for it to become law after the parliament passed an amendment to the Marriage Act on May 30.

Eiler Fagraklett, head of LGBT Faroe Islands said: “It was an intense, exciting and unpredictable moment. When the MPs finally passed the amendment to the bill and thereby granted us with equal rights, it came as a huge relief.” He continued: “For the coming generations of LGBT people, it will make a world of difference to be able to enjoy the same rights as other citizens. Life has been made a lot better and easier for us in the Faroe Islands.”

The first same-sex marriages will begin next month.

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