Gay Man Denied Entry into Australia Over PrEP

Gay Man Denied Entry into Australia Over PrEP

A German man was denied entry into Australia after he was refused entry over finding PrEP. The man, Andrew, said that border agents profiled the man’s boyfriend because he “looks a bit gay” when agents then went through his suitcase and discovered PrEp and sex toys.


The border agents accused the man of coming into the country for sex work. The agents then sent him back on a plane to return to Japan where he was previously on a work trip.

“They had no reason to inspect his luggage, we haven’t been given a lot of information,” Andrew told Gay Star News. “They controlled his communication and they let him phone only with a device they gave him and a number that they dialed. They strong armed him into giving his phone.”

Hopefully Australia can quickly rectify this.


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