Gay Travel: Doing Business in Scottsdale, Arizona

Image via Passport.

Image via Passport.

When most people visit Scottsdale, they’re ex-posed to stars in one-way or another. In a literal sense, the stars in our heavens are vivid and surreal here. Thanks to the desert city’s low-rise buildings and little if any pollution, the clarity of the night sky is astounding. Stars also come in the form of Hollywood celebrities. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner got married here at Hotel Valley Ho in 1956. Other A-listers like Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson made Scottsdale their home away from home, and it continues to be a haven for the rich and famous. There’s something to be said for this city’s Sonora Desert location, with its dynamic backdrop of flat land topped by the mountains. Five stars come to mind when considering the option for hotel stays. Everyone from Four Seasons to Fairmont have set up camp, amping the allure for well-heeled travelers.

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