Gay Travel: LGBT American Expats

Simon Mortiz

Simon Mortiz

Back in 2000, the year I graduated college, George W. Bush was elected president of the United States of America. Disgruntled and, perhaps raging with post-collegiate angst, I spun a globe and decided I would move to wherever my finger landed. It stopped on Toronto. Two weeks later, I packed a U-Haul with all my belongings and said goodbye to my country to cross the border for a new, non-American adventure. Although I wasn’t completely well-versed with Toronto, I had good feelings. Toronto was touted as culturally diverse with interesting neighborhoods, friendly locals, and a lively gay scene to boot. I planned on staying in Canada for three months. I was there for two years.

Recently, I chatted with a few gay expats of all ages to see what motivated them to move to another country, and why they’re loving it. They shared stories on what it’s like to be an ex-pat in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Vancouver, Bangkok, and Costa Rica.

Meet the gay American expats over at Passport magazine online…


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