GLAAD Calls for an End to Anti-Gay Campaign Strategies

Michigan Republican, Kim Meltzer. Image via Google.

Midterm elections are nearly upon us, and this campaign season has seen some of the worst anti-gay attacks to date. Despite shifting sentiments in favor of equality for LGBT people and their families, several politicians continue to use defamatory tactics. Michigan Republican, Kim Meltzer, distributed campaign materials with opponent Leon Drolet’s face placed over a rainbow flag—accented by two male figures holding hands—that claimed Drolet “would allow homosexual gross indecency in public places,” thus “exposing our children to that filth.” Texas governor Rick Perry, now running for re-election, asked an audience, “Would you rather live in a state like this or in a state where a man can marry a man?” Following CNN’s report last month that revealed more than half of all Americans think the Constitution should allow same-sex couples to marry, these candidates’ sentiments seem out of touch with the people they are seeking to represent. Now GLAAD is asking everyone, those in the media especially, to call for an end to these defamatory campaigns. “It’s troubling that many candidates still think they can win support by disparaging LGBT people,” said Jarrett Barrios, GLAAD President, “As more and more fiar-minded people hear our stories and learn what’s at stake for us, they are overwhelmingly supporting our full equality” [GLAAD].

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