‘Go to Hell’ with this Lesbian-Owned New York Tour Company

‘Go to Hell’ with this Lesbian-Owned New York Tour Company

The “Go to Hell!” walking tour of Hell’s Kitchen appeals to just about anyone: history buffs, locals, foodies, mafia enthusiasts, photographers, even accountants.

As tourism businesses continue to expand and evolve, so does the demand for authentic experiences. Big cities like New York offer loads of tour options for travelers, but smaller companies are often overshadowed by double-decker buses and large group tours that gloss over some of the city’s best out-of-the-way spots.

To dig deeper and supply more personal perspectives on the big-city experience, travelers now can turn to Local Expeditions (www.local-expeditions.com). Launched in late 2015, it’s redefining the standard tour-company business model, all with a savvy, queer New Yorker at the helm.

The way Local Expeditions’ founder Nancy Blaine, explains her idea for the business, it sounds a lot like the way many of us host visiting friends. She recounts how she brought a group of colleagues for a walk on Manhattan’s High Line elevated park, with a break for wine in a friend’s garden apartment, followed by an intimate dinner at a small, favorite SoHo restaurant. She colored the walkabout with her own tips, anecdotes, and insights, inspiring them with an insider’s take on the Big Apple.

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