‘Good Chocolate for Bad Seats’ at Copenhagen Airport

Screen shot via YouTube

Screen shot via YouTube

Though it takes a first-class seat on many airlines to opt into travel perks like early boarding, free drinks, and personalized service, a clever chocolate company is rewarding travelers by a reverse equation—giving more to those in the very worst seats, as ranked by fellow passengers. Anthon Berg, the chocolate manufacturer, teamed up with SeatGuru.com to debut a machine at the Copenhagen airport that distributes chocolate and travel treats in accordance with the undesirability of your seat, as reported by Jaunted.

How does it work? First, passengers scan their boarding pass at a group of pink kiosks staffed with Anthon Berg employees. Software then runs their seat number through the SeatGuru database (which ranks the comfort level of airline seats on major carriers) and distributes eye masks and neck pillows to those in bad seats. Passengers seated in the best seats still get a morsel of chocolate for their journey.

They call it a “chocolate upgrade” and it’s totally free. The strategy stems from a keen awareness of the many hours that travelers often rack up in airplane seats. Those hours feel as if they stretch on into infinity if you’re relegated to the back row by the bathrooms in a seat that doesn’t recline.

The magical kiosks will be placed in Scandinavian airports this year before making a global debut in 2014 according to PSFK.


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