Healthy Meals Delivered, Meal-Prep Services Around the World

Healthy Meals Delivered, Meal-Prep Services Around the World

by Allister Chang

If you had asked me two years ago when I lived in Paris if I liked to have meals delivered, I’d have responded “blasphemy!” Now, however, new meal-prep services are emerging that provide healthier, tastier, and lower cost meal-delivery options. The top meal-prep services have carved out a niche that separates them from meal-delivery services like Postmates and Seamless that deliver food from nearby restaurants, but do not operate their own kitchens. Unlike ingredient-delivery services like Blue Apron, meal-prep services require less time investment from its customers and can be enjoyed in any hotel with an in-room microwave. Some meal-prep dishes are lower cost and more customizable than hotel restaurants and can also be delivered to your Airbnb address.

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