In the VIP Lounge with YouTube Sensation Randy Rainbow

In the VIP Lounge with YouTube Sensation Randy Rainbow

If there’s one silver lining To the 2016 election, it’s at least four more years worth of Randy Rainbow’s raucous political parody songs. Last year, the gay vlogger/comedian’s Broadway song parodies and satirical, manipulated “interviews” with political figureheads turned him into a bona fide viral video star. They’ve racked up millions of views on YouTube and Facebook, and popular posts include a twist on The Music Man ditty, “Trump Trouble,” and a Trump-ified Mary Poppins number, “Braggadocious!”, while he also contributes a series titled “Chewing the Scenery” for Last fall, Rainbow was enlisted to write a pro-Hillary parody of West Side Story’s “Officer Krupke” for the reunited Will & Grace cast to deliver.

Born in Long Island, Rainbow  (yes, his real name) spent most of his developmental years in South Florida. He moved back to New York at age 22 to pursue a stage (or stage-adjacent) career, started up a personal blog, wrote Broadway show reviews and interviews, and launched his now-famous video interview series, featuring celebrities of stage, screen, pop, and politics. Currently based in the buzzing, very queer-friendly neighborhood of Astoria, Queens, Rainbow is essentially a one-man/computer/green-screen operation (he shoots his videos in his living room).  Now that politics are sure to dominate our culture for the foreseeable future, Rainbow finds himself in high demand and prepped to expand. His touring act will debut in 2017, and TV opportunities are being discussed and developed with various production companies.

In a revealing, typically funny conversation with Passport magazine via telephone while he was visiting family in Florida, Rainbow opened up about how he got started, his work, his true feelings on the election, and, of course, travel.

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