India will Not Clear Film that ‘Glorifies’ a Gay Relationship

India will Not Clear Film that ‘Glorifies’ a Gay Relationship

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) will not clear a Malayalam film as it seems to glorify a “homosexual relationship,” and it is said to negatively portray the Hindu religion. The film Ka Bodyscapes was submitted to the government office over a year ago, but filmmaker Jayan Cherian received a letter asking for him to make changes.

“The film was first submitted to the CBFC in Thiruvanthapuram in April last year, but they refused to certify it, as did the Revising Committee in Chennai,” Cherian said. “I then approached the High Court, where the judge asked the CBFC to certify the film in 30 days. However, the CBFC chose to ignore the judgment and filed an appeal, stating that the case should have been addressed by a bench with more than one judge. In December 2016, the two-judge bench dismissed that appeal and asked them to certify the film in 90 days. But that too was overlooked by the CBFC,” the filmmaker said. Then, a Second Revising Committee wouldn’t certify it.

Understandably frustrated, the filmmaker said that film festivals are also canceling screenings at the last minute because of pressure from the government.

Ironically, the film is about a gay a artist that is fighting against government censorship.

Cherian’s next stop is to appear in front of an apex court. “The court case can take ages. It’s already been a year since the film was completed. How can the CBFC be allowed to take such arbitrary decisions?” he said. [Ie]

Check out the beautiful trailer below.

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