KKK Threatens Openly Gay Man Running for Office

KKK Threatens Openly Gay Man Running for Office

The KKK has allegedly threatened a gay couple—one of whom is running for office—with hate-filled letters that landed on their door. The couple, from Cape Coral, Florida, said they first received a letter of their front door from a member of the Ku Klus Knights (a Florida division of the KKK). James Schneider said his partner found a letter. “I kind of dropped it,” said Schneider. “I didn’t know what to do with that. I was spooked by it immediately. It really shakes you to the core.”

The note read: “We know where you live [expletive]. We are going to win. Quit now…When you girls least expect it, We will be here for a nice visit.”

“I am going to stay in the campaign,” Schneider said. “I almost quit which would’ve meant they won. I think I’m the appropriate candidate for the position.”

He has also received threats and bigotry on social media. “Every time I see one of these things on Facebook, the pile-ons from people who don’t realize that their cyber bullying and saying horrific things and they don’t even know who I am,” Schneider said.

Schneider, who is naturally concerned that the KKK was at his front door, has installed security cameras around his home. [NBC2]

We've experienced an upsetting situation in the past days, which caused us to pull in, make serious decisions about our…

Posted by James Schneider, Candidate for District 5, Cape Coral City Council on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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