Lack of Funding May Cancel London Pride


Image via Stephen Finn. Of last year's World Pride in London.

Image via Stephen Finn. Of last year’s Poorly Organized World Pride in London.

After last year’s massive mess of a Pride celebration, London Pride is once again in the news for their unpreparedness. Organizers say they may have to cancel the Pride celebration because they won’t be able to get enough funding in time for the June celebration. London LGBT + Community Pride was given the right to organize the festival for the next five years way back in October, but chair Michael Salter says that the lack of time has made organizing it impossible: “Although we are confident in our planning it is true that if we are unable to secure the funding and volunteers that we need to deliver a safe Pride—one that showcases the best of our community—we may have to cancel the event for 2013.” [QT]

Seems like the same story as last year, maybe it’s time to put people in charge who are capable of putting on a Pride that the LGBT community in England deserves.


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