Madrid Has Been Chosen to Host World Pride 2017

Madrid Pride in 2007. Image via Juan R. Velasco

Madrid Pride in 2007. Image via Juan R. Velasco

While we’re just gearing up to celebrate World Pride in Toronto next year, already the 2017 city has been chosen—Madrid. This won’t be the first major LGBT event for the city, next year it will play host to the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association’s Global Convention. Madrid was chosen after 80 international delegates chose the capital in a unanimous vote during the InterPride Boston conference. The Office of Tourism of the City of Madrid, a city that previously hosted World Pride in 2007, believes that the event will bring in thousands of tourists and will help generate much-needed tourism dollars. “In all previous events, the economic benefits exceeded US$ 110 million, and we expect this figure to be higher in Madrid. Millions of people will come to Madrid, with all the benefits that this entails,”  said Juan Carlos Alonso  in a press statement.


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