Matt Bomer Already in Bad Graces of Critics for Playing a Transgender Sex Worker

Matt Bomer Already in Bad Graces of Critics for Playing a Transgender Sex Worker

There is already tons of controversy over Matt Bomer, a cismale, playing a transgender sex worker in Timothy McNeil’s film Anything.

According to Indiewire:

When Matt Bomer was announced as the star of Timothy McNeil’s film “Anything” in August of 2016, the choice to cast a cisgender man as a transgender sex worker riled many in the LGBTQ community. Some took to social media to air their disdain, most notably transgender actresses Jamie Clayton, of “Sense8” fame, and Jen Richards, who tweeted that she had actually auditioned for the role, and unspooled a passionate thread as to why it’s important to cast trans actors in trans roles. Trans musician Mya Byrne penned an open letter on HuffPo that pointedly asked, “Why Is Matt Bomer Playing A Trans Woman?”

The outcry was enough to grab the attention of producer Mark Ruffalo, who responded with his own Twitter message, which read in part, “To the Trans community. I hear you. It’s wrenching to you see you in this pain. I am glad we are having this conversation.” Still, Ruffalo later answered requests that the role be recast, explaining that the film had already been shot and Bomer “poured his heart and soul into this part. Please have a little compassion. We are all learning.”

This, though,was all before a trailer was even released. And while it’s disheartening that Hollywood still can’t seem to grasp that there are transgender actors to fill transgender parts, the film is garnering plenty of positive reviews.


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