New Airline Report Calls 2011 the “Best Year Ever”

Image via Passport.

While many people continue to complain about the decline of airline services, a new study has called 2011 the “best year ever,” in terms of airline service. The independent company, Airline Quality Rating, has been studying date for 21 year and they found that in 2011 a passenger was less likely to be bumped, less likely to lose their luggage and more likely to arrive at their destinations on time.” Also, passengers complained the least to the government this year. “Everything is heading in the right direction,” says Dean Headley of Wichita State University, who co-authored the report with Purdue University professor Brent Bowen. [CNN]

Do you think they took into account the extra minutes or hours airlines add to their “flight time” in order to arrive on time? Let us know what you think of their report.

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