New Ken Dolls Diversify Barbie’s Brand

New Ken Dolls Diversify Barbie’s Brand

Mega-toy company Mattel announced today that Barbie’s beau Ken is getting a diversity update. Joining the “Fashionista” line he will come in three new body types (slim, broad, and original), seven skin tones, and eight new hair colors and styles.

Seven of the ten already available (five more are set to be released soon) premiered on Good Morning America earlier today. The new Ken dolls is a part of a “natural evolution” of the ever-expanding Barbie brand that had the queen of dolls go through a similar transformation a year ago.

This gives young girls and boys a chance to have the kind of Ken/Barbie, Barbie/Barbie, or Ken/Ken play situation that resembles the world around them.

Barbie's Fashionistas

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