New Modern Art, Pop-Up Spa in Sweden is for the Birds

New Modern Art, Pop-Up Spa in Sweden is for the Birds

A new sauna experience awaits guests in Northern Sweden in a giant (and moveable) pop-up Solar Egg. As much an art installation as a solar-powered sauna, the golden Solar Egg sauna is available as an add-on to any Arctic itinerary when booking through Arctic specialists Off the Map Travel.

The Solar Egg will be moved to different locations around Kiruna, Northern Sweden to offer prime locations and viewing

Outfitted with solar powered lights, the golden egg can hold up to eight people and is warmed by a heart-shaped wood burning stove at its center. Standing five meters high and four meters wide, the Solar Egg has an exterior made of 69 gold-plated stainless-steel panels which reflect the city and surrounding countryside. The sauna is designed to be moved to different locations to offer varying views of the region.

Now located in Riksbyggen (Luossavaara), the sauna will travel to the banks of a mountainside lake in Nikkaluokta from July to September before heading to Paris in November.


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