New York Basketball Coaches Suspended After LGBT Pride Game

Two New York high school basketball coaches have been suspended after they encouraged their team to participate in an LGBT Pride Game. The openly gay coach, Anthony Nicodemo, from Saunders High School, and a coach from Somers High School, Chris DiCintio, both were suspended by the Section One Athletic Council.

According to OutSports:

The issue stems from a Jan. 20 Pride On The Court event, hosted by Nicodemo and the athletic department of Div. III Sarah Lawrence College. Section One leadership allegedly claimed Nicodemo’s athletic director, Jim Rose, did not submit the proper paperwork to host the event at the college and have it supported by Nike.

Nicodemo said that Rose received verbal approval from Section One executive director Jen Simmons prior to the event.

“My athletic director is tremendous with rules and regulations,” Nicodemo said. “So having [Simmons] tell him he doesn’t have to put in any paperwork, and then a month later says he had to put in paperwork, that puts us into a difficult spot here.”

The charity event was in place to raise money for GLSEN with NBA player Jason Collins attending the event.

The coaches or the athletic directors were also not able to plead their case with the Council who has also been secretive about who filed a complaint.

Concern by the organizers is that basketball teams will not participate next year out of fear that they too could get suspended.

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