New York Hilton is Buzzing with 450,000 New Guests

New York Hilton is Buzzing with 450,000 New Guests

In celebration of September’s National Honey Month,New York Hilton Midtown is welcoming450,000adopted bees to the hotel’s fifth floor,16,000-square-foot green rooftop, five blocks from Central Park’s bevy of nectar. Today, the six buzzing hives were escorted via a vintage yellow taxi to the hotel where hotel team members awaited their colleagues’ arrival.The Italian, Russian and Carniolan honeybee queens –one for each hive –have been named Shelby, Ruby, Phoebe, Suite B, Beatrice, and lastly Connie as a tribute to Hilton founder, Conrad Hilton.

As important as VIP guests, the VIBees will quickly become part of the landmark hotel’s ecosystem with the launch of honey-infused cuisine, beauty and specialty amenities. Harvesting approximately 300 pounds of honey annually, the honey will enhance the hotel’s utilization of locally sourced ingredients to provide the freshest, most sustainable options to guests.As the brainchild of Director of Culinary and Executive Chef Richard Brown,harvested honey will be incorporated into dishes to further amplify the hotel’s seasonal cuisine with items like honey-dipped fried chicken and rosemary-honey flatbreads that will soon be available at the hotel’s urban market, Herb N’ Kitchen. In addition, patrons of the recently renovated Bridges Bar can now sip on bourbon-based honey peach cobbler milkshakes and honey-kissed grapefruit cosmopolitans.

Find out more info over at New York Hilton. 

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