Off-Broadway’s ‘Zanna Don’t’ to get Pangender Rewrite

Off-Broadway’s ‘Zanna Don’t’ to get Pangender Rewrite

The 2003 Off-Broadway musical Zanna, Don’t is coming back for a one-night-only reboot of sorts at the Horizon Theater in Norristown, PA. Original creator Tim Acito will rewrite and re-score the play that takes place in a parallel universe high school where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuality is frowned on. The 80% dialogue update is poised to probe more hot button issues like intersectionality and making main character Zanna pangender.

The all-star cast includes Broadway’s Cassie Okendka (School of Rock), Teri Furr (Les Miserables), Rusty Reynolds (Miss Saigon), and Kevin DeJesus-Jones (Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark).

The experimental play will also have a “pay what you decide” initiative that the Horizon Theater has implemented. The audience will pay after the show whether in cash or via credit card but theatergoers can book in advance for the June 29th performance.

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