Passport Fees to Increase July 13

Attention fearless PASSPORT magazine readers, as we’ve mentioned earlier, passport fees are going up on July 13th, so now is your chance to renew or get a new one to save a few bucks. The largest increase will be to get new visa pages added, so don’t wait to send your passport in, it’s free until the 13th.

· Passport
Old: $100 New: $135 + $25 administrative fee
· Passports for children under 16
Old: $85 New: $105 + $25 administrative fee
· Passport renewal
Old: $75 New: $110
· Passport cards
Old: $45 New: $55
· Passport cards for children under 16
Old:$35 New: $40
· Extra passport pages
Old: Free New: $82

Thanks Jaunted.

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