Poland Elects First Out Gay Official

New Warsaw City Council Member, Krystian Legierski. Image via PinkNews.

Last month, Krystian Legierski—nightclub owner, entrepreneur, and LGBT rights activist—won a seat in Warsaw’s City Council. The Green Party member who ran on a Social Democrat ticket has faced both racism and homophobia as a black, openly-gay man. Legierski stated that his election was a milestone in his nation’s politics, proof that the people of Warsaw are more open-minded. “I can’t compare myself to Harvey Milk, but I’m glad that I am the first openly gay candidate to be elected for a public office in Poland,” said Legierski. Poland, a devout Catholic, conservative country, has had an uneasy relationship with gay rights in the past. Last July, though, Warsaw hosted Europride. Despite its poor record in LGBT equality, Poland is making some progress [PinkNews].

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