Portland, Oregon Police Create an “It Gets Better” Video

Screen cap via. YouTube

The decision by the  Portland Police to create an “It Gets Better” video has proved to be an enormous success after debuting last Friday during Pride Week 2012. The idea to produce the film was sparked after the Bureau’s Sexual Minorities Roundtable shared San Francisco’s version of its own “It Gets Better” video. According to kgw.com, Portland’s Police Bureau had major support from its LGBT community. Although the film is short, it is able to capture each police officer’s journey through childhood up until present day, overcoming their struggle as a LGBT in their community. Chief of police, Michael Reese, was extremely proud of this video and what it demonstrates. “Their honesty and willingness to talk about their lives in a personal and frank way is what makes the film so compelling,” says Reese.  The heartfelt video ends with each officer sharing how their lives have indeed gotten better, as promised [kgw.com].

Check it out! Portland Police: It Gets Better after the jump…

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