Possibly the Best Job in the World — Honeymoon Tester

Honeymoons are all about romance and luxury, but how do people know which destination to choose? That is the job of a honeymoon tester. As a tester, all you have to do is travel around the world to the hottest honeymoon spots and blog about it.

Thanks to Runaway Bride and Groom, an Irish tourism company, this job could become a reality. You’ll get $27,000 for six long months of hard relaxation, pampering, exotic locations, and, blogging (if you can manage to peel yourself off the beach). The blog will run on the Irish Time’s website.

Applications are due April 7. Just submit an 80-second video of why they should pick you and your partner, and why Ireland is awesome.

Check out the list of the top-ten couples in the lead at the moment. Let’s get some same-sex lovers up on the score board. Submit your application here.

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