Priest Barred for Supporting Civil Rights

The Catholic archbishop of New Jersey has disavowed a gay priest for the cleric’s open support of gay advocacy group NOH8, and a Catholic high school counselor who was terminated from her job on the grounds of her being in a same-sex marriage.

Newark Archbishop John Myers, a proven conservative riding the line of retirement, reprimanding Warren Hall for “confusing the faithful,” and firing him with a phone call on August 31.

As a result, Hall is barred, for all intents and purposes: from the priesthood, from holding public mass, and from working in the New Jersey parish where has has been ministering. Hall came out as gay weeks after Myers chastised him for his support of NOH8.

“The problem is that we have an archbishop who doesn’t believe you can be gay and Catholic,” wrote Hall, in a letter to Religion News. To rebut, the Newark Archdiocese took issue with Hall’s self-identification as gay, saying: “someone who labels himself or another in terms of sexual orientation or attraction contradicts what the (Catholic) Church teaches.”

Hall will take the stage next week at a New Jersey chapter of PFLAG, a support group for parents and friends of gay people. To learn more about his upcoming speech, click here.

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