RuPaul Announces that He Married Longtime Boyfriend

RuPaul Announces that He Married Longtime Boyfriend

RuPaul has revealed little about his private life since RuPauls Drag Race took off, but the host seems to have loosened up his buttons a bit and revealed that he had married his boyfriend of 23 years this January. RuPaul met his partner, Georges LeBar, on the dance floor of New York’s iconic Limelight, and they’ve been together since. RuPaul told Ross Mathews on Hollywood Today Live, “I don’t think I’ve said this on television before. We are married.”

The couple are rarely photographed together as LeBar lives on a 60,000-acre ranch that’s located in both Wyoming and South Dakota, but a recent paparazzi shot of the two in New York sparked renewed interest in the pair.

“I met Georges on the dance floor at Limelight in New York City, the disco,” RuPaul said in an Own Where are They Now special. “He was on the dance floor dancing like a manic. I had to go over and say, ‘What are you going through?’” he laughs. “And it’s also because he’s actually 6’7”, so he’s taller than I am — so of course I had to notice him.”

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