Russia Bans Depiction of Vladimir Putin in Drag

Russia Bans Depiction of Vladimir Putin in Drag

Russia has banned depicting the no-term-limit leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in drag. The country’s list of banned extremist material included a list of over 4,074 items and number 4,071 bans a poster showing Putin with make-up (lipstick and eyebrows on fleek). The list doesn’t give a specific image, though there are many that circulate the Internet.

According to the Moscow Times via the Guardian “…the ban came as a result of a verdict by a regional court in May 2016. A man named AV Tsvetkov uploaded the image alongside others that portrayed Putin and the prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, in Nazi uniforms. Court documents say he also shared racist images. The court banned about a dozen of the pictures he uploaded between June 2013 and October 2014. As well as this, his Vkontakte profile was deleted.”

Some girls just can’t take a joke, but in the era of social media, the joke will ultimately fall on Putin.


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