Rust Belt Renaissance: LGBT Detroit

Rust Belt Renaissance: LGBT Detroit

You know how to pick collard greens, right?” a project leader asks me. “Sure I do,” I lie and walk off with rubber bands, gloves, and a sun hat. Passing berries, carrots, radishes, and herbs that fill the land with English-garden prosperity. School children are also here taking a tour of the farm, learning about the various foods grown here.

“This area of the city has always been a food desert,” a volunteer explains to me. “Since the recession, lots of markets closed, but now we’re seeing more investments into the community. From local providers who fill up the Eastern Market to companies like Whole Foods opening up their first store here, we’re finally back on the map with fresh foods,” she says throwing away a too-small radish. “We have to continue to invest in our children, showing them how to eat. Some of the kids here don’t even know where carrots come from,” she says in disbelief.

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