Sarah Outen Crosses Pacific on Worldwide Expedition and Proposes to Girlfriend

Photo by James Sebright

Photo by James Sebright

In Adak at the tip of the Aleutian islands in Alaska, a wearied rower came ashore earlier this week after an epic self-powered journey across the Pacific fraught with all the surprises and setbacks one might expect in spending five months alone in a rowboat on the open ocean.

She started in Japan for this leg of her trip, but Sarah Outen, 28, is a British adventurer with a goal as big as the globe. She is circumnavigating the planet by her own power atop a rowboat, kayak, and bicycle. She set out in 2011 on her “London2London” mission and is about halfway into her four-year adventure, according to her blog. She is setting records like “first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean” and “youngest female to row solo across any ocean” as stated in the Independent

One of the highlights? Proposing to her girlfriend, Lucy, on a satellite phone call in the middle of the Pacific. (Lucy said “yes.”)

Sarah wrote in a blog post that she will soon head to New York to meet Lucy on the way home to England. In the spring, Sarah will return to Alaska to pick up where she left off.

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