Senator Schumer Proposes Baggage Fee Legislation

Image via NYDN.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is putting pressure on airlines to get rid of their unfair baggage-fee policies. In particular, when an airline loses a passenger’s luggage or doesn’t get the bag to the destination on time, the airline doesn’t immediately give the person back their baggage fee (the nominal fees we’re paying to make sure our bag actually gets there). Schumer is set to introduce legislation to change this if the airlines refuse to make this change on their own.

“If the airlines are going to rake in record revenues from baggage fees year after year, they should earn it by delivering your bags to the right destination on time,” Schumer said. “If they lose or mishandle the bags you paid extra for, it’s not right for them to simply say they’re sorry and still stick you with the bill.”

Schumer echoes the sentiments of milions of travelers who helped the airlines rack in $3.4 billion from baggage fees last year, a number that is up from just $464 million in 2007.

“Since the vast majority of bags are lost for a few days or a few weeks, most passengers don’t see any refund at all,” Schumer said. “The bottom line is unless airlines do the job that they’re paid to do and make sure that the bags are delivered in a timely fashion, passengers shouldn’t have to pay a dime.” [NYDN]

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