Stockholm’s Central Station Using Body Heat to Heat Buildings

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We all know the usefulness of having a cuddle buddy—don’t have to waste that costly heat! Each person generates 100 watts of body heat, and all 100 watts of this body heat is wasted. The Swedes, though, saw the potential in this wasted energy. With about 250,000 people passing though Stockholm’s Central Station daily, that’s about 25-million watts of energy wasted. A real estate company, Jernhusen, figured out a way to channel body heat and use it to heat water. The heated water is then used in an office building across the street. The program is not only environmentally friendly, but is also cost effective—it has lowered the building’s energy costs by about 25%. Now what would happen if this technology was incorporated in a station like New York’s Grand Central where 750,000 pass through each day. [Earth911]

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