Take the Chappy Pledge and End Trolling on Gay Dating Apps

Take the Chappy Pledge and End Trolling on Gay Dating Apps

No Asians. No Fats. No Femmes. It’s language that is commonly seen on gay dating apps. But one dating app, Chappy, wants its users to take a pledge to end prejudicial and racist language on its platform.

In the recent film, The Chappy Pledge – (3mins), 16 gay men talk about their experiences on dating apps, revealing rampant underlying racism, ageism, fat and fem shaming. This troll-like behavior was increasing at an alarming rate, which sparked Chappy – the gay dating app that champions choice and aims to improve the gay dating culture to unveil their global campaign Don’t Be a D!ck, just swipe left, putting a stand towards dating apps not just to the gay community, but the dating community as a whole.

While this movement weeds out the trolls – all Chappy users, new and existing, will be required to sign The Chappy Pledge, a two-way promise ensuring that you will refrain from any use of underlying racism, ageism, fat shaming and fem shaming on the app and will solely commit to treating your fellow members with respect, kindness and honesty, without judgment or bias.

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