Hilton Brand Launches ‘Tru by Hilton’

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Hilton Worldwide is undergoing a readdress. Currently they are aiming to attract guests that are seeking affordable lodging but who also maintain a “millennial mindset” and a “desire for human connection.”

The chain predicts that the average cost per night for a room will range between $90 to $100. With affordable pricing and vibrant colors throughout the hotel it is clear who their target demographic is.

Think the connectedness of an upscale hostel with the design of American ingenuity, Tru by Hilton is sure to please the consumers in cities such as Atlanta, Houston and Chicago who have already gotten on board.

Alexandra Jaritz, global head of Try by Hilton said to USA Today, “guests are very interested in having a great degree of flexibility. The idea of having a customized experience is very important to them.” Out of this sentiment Tru by Hilton aims to provide their guests with “local snacks and drinks, including single-serving beer and wine…and a build-your-own breakfast station that will be available throughout the day.”

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