The New Normal? Not So New: 40 Years of Gay and Lesbian Families on TV

Ryan Murphy’s The New Normal, which we talked about in our fall gay TV picks post, had a special series premiere last night, after the first episode of The Voice.  The second episode will air tonight. It’s also the date, those pesky One Million Moms have selected to boycott the show, after they found out about Murphy’s new project, which includes same-sex parents. The organization described the show as not ‘the new normal.’  However, what they’ve failed to realize is that gay and lesbian parents are indeed not ‘the new normal,’ but have been in mainstream media for quiet sometime now. GLAAD has put together a visualization of this fact, via Tumblr, to show how LGBT families have been on the tube for over 40 years. Be sure to tune tonight for the second episode of The New Normal on its regular Tuesday time slot tonight at 9:30 P.M. EST, and view the pilot on See GLAAD’s chart after the jump …

Image via GLAAD


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