The Oxford English Dictionary Announces Gender-Neutral Title, Mx.

Mx. Justin Vivian Bond. Image via Facebook.

Mx. Justin Vivian Bond. Image via Facebook.

The Oxford English Dictionary said on Sunday that it will introduce a new gender-neutral honorific. In addition to Mr., Mrs., Miss, and Ms., those who follow the dictionary’s style can use Mx. to represent members of the transgender or queer community who don’t identify by gender norms. The existence of Mx. dates back to 1977 when the magazine Single Parent used it. “The early proponents of the term seem to have had gender politics as their central concern [and] saw the title as one which could sidestep the perceived sexism of the traditional ‘Mr.,’ ‘Mrs.’ and ‘Miss,’” OED Assistant Editor Jonathan Dent said. More famously, performing artist Justin Vivian Bond has been using Mx. for years. IBTimes does a great job of tracking Mx.’s usage throughout the UK and US.

Recently the Swedish dictionary introduced a gender-neutral pronoun to be used. 

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